Petro-Canda Lubricants

Petro-Canada produces a full range of greases, oils and fluids that go beyond today’s standards. Our lubricants are produced using Petro-Canada’s patented HT Purity Process™, which produces a crystal-clear 99.9% pure base oil – among the purest in the world. This allows Petro-Canada to offer high quality and performance lubricants.

The quality of Petro-Canada Lubricants translates to savings for our customers. A higher quality product means:

  • Cost savings through lower maintenance costs and longer drain intervals
  • Exceptional low temperature performance
  • Long life for maximum equipment durability
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Increased productivity

It is no wonder that so many fleet-managers buy from us: Petro-Canada Lubricants high quality save them money.

Petro-Canada produces lubricants for a wide variety of applications and industries. We offer products ranging from greases that can handle the extreme lows and highs of a tractor in the dead of winter or 14 hours of harvesting on a hot summer day, to lubricants produced to be safe for the food services industry. They range from ARDEE™ Rock Drill Oils for the oil patch to Petro-Canada’s HARNEX™ wind turbine gear oils. And of course we offer a full range of lubricants for transportation.

Whatever your needs are we can find a lubricant that delivers. Contact us and we will show you why switching to our lubricants will save you time and money.

For more information on the full line of lubricants we offer visit: